Carrier Scarf

This 100% silk scarf can be transacted alone or as a part of the work called Carrier (2021). This economy uses frottage imaging, and, when installed, allows visitors to transfer the Carrier story and images from a set of engraved marble tables. Once the rubbing is traced onto cinefoil (black aluminium) or paper, it is crumpled, placed in the scarf's hand, wrapped around a metal handle and carried home. At home, the scarf is unwrapped and worn, the handle nailed into the wall, the rubbing un-crumpled and held to the handle with magnets. Nothing is wasted. The scarf, like others, is dedicated to artists that provide reference and ground for Yugoexport's work. This one depicts a left hand, dedicated to Ursula K. Le Guin whose visionary work nourishes the world. The image depicts Christian Schmitz working.


By Candlelight

This candle marks the first collaboration between Yugoexport and Malte van der Meyden. The off-white color candle is reserved for Irena Haiduk's work By Candlelight, 2020, as a part of Remaster. A piece of debris from the flame that set Notre-Dame de Paris ablaze in April 2019 lights six candles to keep that flame alive. The candles sit on six wall mirror candelabra and drip elaborate wax blooms. A peachy pink version is available alone and serves as an oral prop for the artwork.


Non-Aligned Signatures

After the Bandung Conference in 1955, the Non-Aligned Movement was formalized in the Declaration of Brijuni on 19 July 1956 with signatures of Egypt's president Gamal Abdel Nasser, India's prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Yugoslavia's president Josip Broz Tito. Their signatures, gold plated in black enamel, were made on the occasion of Yugoexport's re-launch in Paris in 2016. As alignments sharpen and divide, these pins are a reminder of a third way. They can se sewn onto clothing or used as pendants.


Corner Vase

Continuously used since the 2015 Istanbul Biennial staging of Seductive Exacting Realism, this vase is made for softening cartesian corners and all spaces in need of curving. Corner Vase is made of mirror inox, featuring one large and two smaller oval openings for ikebana style botanical arrangements. It hangs by one hole in the back of the vase.


Rock Candle

This candle is another collaboration between Yugoexport and Malte van der Meyden. It draws from the text Carrier by Irena Haiduk in 2021 and is a cast of a rock she was sitting by while writing.


Yugoexport Pin

Yugoexport Logo pin is made from gold-plated enamel, with two holes in the back. It can be pinned to clothing and or improvised for other adornments. Since 2003, yug or jug is an unoccupied domain allowing a reloading of the original meaning of the word which is “south”. Yugoexport mounts production from that cardinal direction.